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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Why They Argue on Hijab?

The wearing of Hijab is the religious obligation which is ignored by Muslim women. To certain extent, some people argue that, wearing a hijab is an individual freedom. Even they know that it is compulsory to cover their aurah, but they still neglect to obey the obligation.

For one thing, there are that certain parties which are promoted the Islamic value and dignity, but they did not totally uphold what Islam had been prescribed in The Quran and The Hadith. It should be noted that, they allege that the veiling is discriminate the right of women.

Norani Othman (2006) pointed out that, "the discriminate of Muslim women through the mechanism of hijab, gender segregation and social control is sustained and reinforced in contemporary society because quite often it coincides or intersects with the postcolonial politics of cultural identity (p.89)".

Thus, for them the hijab is one of the violence which is against the dignity of women. It is because by wearing hijab, it makes a limitation in doing things.

However, they should not argue the command in the religious obligatory. More noteworthy, most of the people who assert about this issue, they used to misinterpret the meaning in the verse 26 in Surah al A'raf (Mohammad Marmaduke pickthall, 2001, p.206): The Almighty said which means: "O Children of Adam! We have revealed unto you raiment to conceal your shame, and splendid vesture, but the raiment of restraint from evil, that is best. This is of the revelations of Allah that they may remember."

Thus, from this verse they tend to translate the sentence "the raiment of restraint from evil, that is best" which refer to the "TAQWA" is vital clothe rather than the proper way of covering the aurah.

Zainah Anwar (2000) stated the following: "Sisters in Islam takes the position that the state should not use force in its desire to see women covered up. Religion depends on faith and will. Imposing laws and regulations on dressing does not necessarily lead to more piety among the believers, but instead commands compliance based on fear of the state and of Islam. This is not the right path to taqwa." (p.4)

Perhaps, they insist that what is inside in the heart is more essential in spite of the good and pious deeds. Conversely, all verses that had been revealed in the Quran have more interpretation. Its should not understand literally.

But, there are some more verses will support to one another verses in the Quran. Furthermore, they should refer how the real concept of Hijab in Islam and all the principles are clearly mentioned in the Quran and The Hadith.

In addition, a primary concern need to be noted that there are some Muslim women who refuse to wear a hijab based on the verse in the Quran especially in Surah Al Baqarah, verse 256 in which the verse said about there is no compulsion in religion. Therefore, in their interpretation, Islam does not force people to do what they did not want to do.

As far as the Islamic shari'ah is concerned, in order to understand the whole message in the Revealed Book, it is necessary to refer to the other verses. It will give understanding in comprehensively meaning in order to avoid any misinterpretation.

However, they still manage to questioning and arguing the obligation rather than to obey the commands. Some people may agree with the party who claim that Hijab is an individual freedom through their relevant proofs.

On the other hand, after seeing these arguments, there is no way that we can agree with what they say. It is because, we are Muslim and we should not tolerate on this issue. The edict of the religion we can not simply ignore it. In fact, to be a good Muslim is to obey what Islam command to do, not to against or make a confusion upon the subject matter.

Allah said in Surah At Tawbah verse 71, (Mohammad Marmaduke pickthall, 2001, p.267): Allah said, which means: "And the believers, the men and the women, are friends one of the other; they bid to honour and forbid dishonour; they perform the prayer, and pay the alms, and they obey God and His Messenger. Those upon them God will have mercy".

Hence, this verse shows that the important to obey what Allah asks us to do in order to get His blessing in worldly life as well as in the hereafter. For one thing, what is discussing here is not what they are trying to prove. But, instead of to bring back what they had been misunderstood upon the matter.

Do they really comprehend what is the meaning of hijab?. Do they really know what is the real concept of hijab in Islam and what are the reasons behind this obligation?. These are the things that need to be considered as to show that their argument is irrelevant.

According to Murtaza Mutahhari (1987) explained that, "the words hijab means covering or a veil. The Philosophy behind the hijab for women in Islam is that they should cover her body from the non mahram" (p.13). Therefore, it is obligatory to women to cover their aurah.

The relevant verses embodied to this issue such as in Surah An Nur verse 31 and Surah Ahzab, verse 59 (Mohammad Marmaduke pickthall, 2001, p. 604): Allah said, which means: "O Prophets! Tell thy wives and thy daughters and the women of the believers to Their cloaks close round them (when thay go abroad). That will be better, that So they may be recognized and not annoyed. Allah is ever Forgiving, Merciful"

As highlighted from Yusuf Qardawi (2006) pointed out, "This verse shows that to cover the aurah is compulsory upon Muslim women. Islam is already given the guideline how Muslim women should observe their way of dress" (p.45).

Thus, In surah An Nur, verse 31 and Surah Al Ahzab, verse 59 clear explained the way Muslim women should observe their dress. They need to lower their veil and this is the best way to avoid any disturbing, such as sexual harassment and getting involve in adultery.

Some people may argue that, either cover or not, women still become the victim of the rapist. So, there is useless to cover the aurah. However, it is should be noted that, the command from Allah was in the early age of the coming of Islam.

Furthermore, the obligation of wearing hijab is a dignity to women. The emergence of Islam honored the status of women. Unlike the dark ages in Arab, women were the lower status and become the servant for man (M.J Bahonar, 1988).

Perhaps, the coming of Islam gives an appreciation to women. Women require to express their thankful to Allah and should not question what Islam had been commanded to do.

Zaharuddin (2007) stated that, the obligation of hijab is differentiate between man and animal. An animal did not require to wear a clothe. It should to be noted that in Surah Al A'raf, verse 26 in the Holy Quran (Mohammad Marmaduke pickthall, 2001,p.206): The Almighty said, which means: "O children of Adam! We have revealed unto you raiment to conceal your shame and splendid vesture.."

He further highlighted that, wearing hijab is such as 'uniform' to muslim Women. It differentiates between the Muslim and non Muslim. Perhaps, this is the identity to be as a Muslim. As highlighted by Salbiah Ahmad (2007) explained that, "the 'Muslim Dress' today is powerful because of a personal identity and collective association. It is reflected the importance of religion as a basis of personal and sacred identity" (p.10).

Hence, it is clearly mentioned that wearing hijab is the Islamic identity. We need to be proud on the entitled of the identity. It is not an individual freedom, but the command from Allah. Indeed, it is important to pay particular attention, the inside pious intention is not enough. The good deeds are manifest throughout the action and personality goes hand in hand, not the good intention alone.

Becoming Muslim

How do I become a Muslim?

Becoming a Muslim actually is a lot easier compared to getting a visa or a passport! You become a Muslim when you accept that there is no god to be worshipped except Allah and Muhammad is His Final Messenger. The Noble Qur’an and the traditions of the Prophet (PBUH) will be the bass of a Muslim’s efforts to achieve the good life here and salvation in the Hereafter.

Do I have to register?

As proof of your status as a Muslim is required for certain things such as marriage or applying for a Hajj visa, it is better to register your testimony of faith. You may do this in a mosque or with the appropriate organization in your country. A certificate from the appropriate authority is the formal proof of your Muslim identity.

Do I have to change my name?

There is no requirement in Islam to change your name when you embrace Islam. However, it is better for you to have a Muslim name as well as it will be easier for others to identify you as a Muslim. Choose a name that reflects your desire to lead a life in the way of Allah. According to a tradition of the Prophet (PBUH), the best names in the sight of Allah are Abdullah (slave of Allah) and Abdul Rahman (Slave of The Merciful).

What is the difference between ‘born Muslim’ and those who embraced Islam?

In Islam, there is no difference whatsoever between born Muslims and those who embraced Islam. In Islam, the believers are differentiated only on the level of their piety. When a person embraces Islam, he becomes a Muslim. All believers are brothers and sisters in Islam.You become a

Muslim by the Mercy of The Almighty. Is a male required to circumcise to become a Muslim?

Circumcision is a tradition of the Prophet (PBUH). It is mentioned as fitra or a rule of cleanliness. It is obligatory for Muslims to follow the tradition of the Prophet (PBUH). It is exempted if it poses a health risk.

Do I have to stop eating pork meat immediately?

Not just pork meat. Those embracing Islam must ensure that their food consumption conforms to what is accepted as ‘pure’ in Islam. It is not just pork meat and intoxicants that are prohibited in Islam. The rule is that, all food consumed must be halal.

What is halal food?

Halal means permitted or lawful. Haram means prohibited or unlawful. To be halal, food products must be clean, pure and safe for consumption. In Islam, halal and haram apply not only to food products but to all aspects of life.

Do I have to learn Arabic?

The original is the word of Allah. It is not mandatory to know Arabic to become a Muslim. As The Qur’an is recited during prayers, one has to memorize a few chapters. The shortest chapter only has three verses. Learning Arabic will be an advantage as there is big difference between reading the translations of The Qur’an and the original text in Arabic.

Do I have to perform the daily prayers and other obligatory duties in Islam immediately after becoming a Muslim?

Allah knows what is in your heart. Obligatory duties in Islam are not “chores” that are performed reluctantly, but a part of the joy of submission to Allah The Merciful. They must be performed without delay in the spirit of gratitude to Allah The Merciful for the blessings that each of us has been given. Remember that you perform these duties not to please others but to submit to Allah The Merciful Who knows what is in your heart.

Improve Your Relationship With Al-Quran

“O my Lord, indeed my people have taken this Qur’an as a thing (abandoned)”.[Surah 25: 30]

Are you one of those people who rarely touch the Qur’an?
Or do you read daily, but don’t find it is having the impact on you that it should? Whatever the case may be, these are some simple tips that can help you connect with the Qur’an.

Before you touch it, check your heart

The key to really benefiting from the Qur’an is to check your heart first, before you even touch Allah’s Book. Ask yourself, honestly, why you are reading it. Is it to just get some information and to let it drift away from you later? Remember that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was described by his wife as a “walking Qur’an”: in other words, he didn’t just read and recite the Qur’an, he lived it.

Do your Wudu' (ablution)

Doing your Wudu is good physical and mental preparation to remind you that you’re not reading just another book. You are about to interact with God, so being clean should be a priority when communicating with Him.

Read at least 5 minutes everyday

Too often, we think we should read Qur’an for at least one whole hour. If you aren’t in the habit of reading regularly, this is too much. Start off with just five minutes daily. If you took care of step one, Insha Allah (God willing), you will notice that those five minutes will become 10, then half an hour, then an hour, and maybe even more!

Make sure you understand what you’ve read

Five minutes of reading the Qur’an in Arabic is good, but you need to understand what you’re reading. Make sure you have a good translation of the Qur’an in the language you understand best. Always try to read the translation of what you’ve read that day.

Remember, the Qur’an is more interactive than a CD

In an age of “interactive” CD-Roms and computer programs, a number of people think books are passive and boring. But the Qur’an is not like that. Remember that when you read the Qur’an, you are interacting with Allah. He is talking to you, so pay attention.

Don’t just read; listen too

There are now many audio cassettes and CDs of the Qur’an, a number of them with translations as well. This is great to put on your walkman or your car’s CD or stereo as you drive to and from work. Use this in addition to your daily Qur’an reading, not as a replacement for it.

Make Dua (supplication)

Ask Allah to guide you when you read the Qur’an. Your aim is to sincerely, for the love of Allah, interact with Him by reading, understanding and applying His blessed words. Making Dua to Allah for help and guidance will be your best tool for doing this.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tips to teach your young kids How to handle Pornography

Some parents might think the only way to stop the infiltration of pornography into the minds of their children is by simply cutting off the source of the material. They would consider, for instance, not even installing or disconnecting the internet from the home.

But while this may solve the problem temporarily, it does not teach young Muslims how to deal with this material when they see it everywhere else: on television, billboards on the street or magazines, for instance. Nor does it encourage them to avoid this material when they have the opportunity to look at it outside of parental control.

Below are some ways to help your child avoid pornography whenever and wherever he or she encounters it. Please note though, this is not a comprehensive list of possibilities, nor should all of the strategies presented be used on your child. Choose the right ones that can help him or her depending on age and previous exposure to pornography.

Tip #1:

Establish your right and authority as a parent to know
Establish parental authority gently and wisely. Remind your children through words and actions that while you love them and want to be close to them, this does not mean just being 'friends.' As the parent, you have the final say when it comes to their well being. You have a right to know who their friends are, where they are and what they are doing for the sake of their own safety.

Tip #2:

Know the Islamic perspective yourself
Do your research by reading up about this topic and talking to another trusted parent, as well as your local Imam or Muslim scholar to get a clearer understanding.
Additional research could also be done to find more reasons to not get involved with pornography. For example, find out about the danger it poses to one's health, concentration and the way it portrays women.

Tip #3:

Teach by example
A son who sees his father ogling pornographic magazines and staring at bikini-clad women at the beach in summer is unlikely to take advice against watching porn seriously. As God reminds us in the Quran, we've got to practice what we preach.

Tip #4:

Instill accountability to God
Kids need to be gently reminded that Allah, who is very Merciful and Kind, is always watching them, even when mom and dad are not. That means a person needs to act and speak in the right manner at all times as much as possible because God is always aware of what we are doing, saying and thinking. But this needs to be done in a way that does not scare the child or make him or her feel resentment towards Allah.

Tip #5:

Warn them about God's punishment and the Hellfire
While this should not be the sole focus of any Islamic upbringing, when it comes to the issue of pornography, reminding kids of God's punishment could help them. But what should also be mentioned is that Allah is Forgiving and Merciful and if anyone asks His forgiveness and stops doing the wrong thing they were previously involved in, Allah will forgive them.

Tip #6:

Watch TV with them
You can do this by simply taking the remote control, and every time a scene comes up which is inappropriate, quickly changing the channel and making a sound of disgust. This can be used as a form of conditioning, where your child will see pornographic and/or inappropriate material (i.e. nudity, sexual situations, etc.) and know that this is wrong by your reaction. He or she will associate the two and avoid looking at the material even if not under your supervision. Do the same for the Internet, magazines and anywhere else it is found. This does not mean seeking these sites or magazines. Rather, when they are encountered, use that moment to show your reaction.

Tip #7:

Make family time
People turn to the media, whether it's television or the Internet because apart from trying to learn or research something or communicating by e-mail, they're bored.
This is why family time at least once a week is important. Whether it's taking everyone out for ice cream on Friday night, going to the Masjid as a family on Sundays for classes or playing a board game together, keeping the kids entertained the right way, together as a family, will reduce boredom and the need to turn to TV and the Internet to have fun.

Tip #8:

Get them involved in good activities
Is there a good young Muslim boys or girls group in your city? Get your son or daughter to join. If not, start one up with the cooperation of other parents. Also, get them involved in things like sports and volunteer work.

Tip #9:

Check their friends
More often than not, kids get their information about sex from friends who often mislead them instead of guiding them. The same is true when it comes to pornographic material. If you find that some of your children's friends are involved in porn, talk to the parents, and if that does not work, keep your child away from the child. By the same token, help your kids befriend those who are practicing Muslims of the same age, who can provide them with fun and companionship, without sacrificing their Islamic principles.

Tip #10:

When they're old enough, talk about pornography This should be done in the context of a discussion on modesty, and it should be done discreetly, in a gradual way, according to their age (see tips on how to talk to your kids about sex). Talk openly and clearly, asking their opinion about this issue (this is a great way to indirectly find out what friends and peers at school are saying or doing about it), and give them the Islamic perspective.

Tip #11:

Install filters or get an Internet service which is porn-free. There are many safe surfing tools available for Internet and there are TV sets which come equipped for parental blocking of some channels. Invest in these technologies.

Tip #12:

Establish the ground rules for the computer. Apart from setting hours for Internet use for every family member, you can also make it clear what kind of material is acceptable to view or not.

Some other helpful rules for safe computer use that all kids should know are courtesy Protect Your Kids

  1. Never give out identifying information such as your address, phone number, school name, town, etc. in chat rooms, forums, forms or questionnaires.

  2. Never agree to meet anyone in person that you have met online.
  3. Never reply to any email, chat messages, or forum items that make you feel uncomfortable.

  4. Never send information or pictures to anyone over the Internet that you do not know.

  5. Never give your password to anyone except your parents, no matter who they say they are.

  6. Be aware that people may not be who they say they are. Someone who says she is a 10-year old girl may really be an older man.

  7. Never click on links in emails from people you don't know.

  8. Don't order anything or give anyone credit card information without your parent's permission.

  9. Always tell your parents if someone upsets you or makes you uncomfortable.

  10. Always follow your parents' rules regarding computer use.

Copy From

Al-Muhasabah:On being honest with oneself

To take account of oneself, that is, to undergo honest selfcriticism, is part of the Muslim practice al-muhasabah, or self-inventory. According to the Companion Umar ibn al-Khattab, may Allah be pleased with him, to engage in al-muhasabah is to "assess and adjudge yourselves before you are assessed and adjudged on the Day of Judgment, and to weigh out your deeds, before they are weighed out for you." Umar, a man of his word, reportedly used to whip his right foot at night and say to it "What have you done today?"

Another Companion, Maymun ibn Mahran, said: "A pious person cautiously examines and adjudges himself more than he would a tyrant ruler or a tight-fisted partner!"

The notable first Islamic century sage, Al-Hasan Al-Basri, offers a more detailed explanation of al-muhasabah. "A believer polices himself [or one might say, his own soul]. He assesses and adjudges [himself] for the sake of Allah.The Final Judgment [of God] may end up mild for some simply because they were quick to adjudge themselves in this life. Or the Final Judgment on the Day of Resurrection may end up a tough ordeal for some who were unconcerned about what they did in this life, thinking they would not be called to account."

What we see from these sterling predecessors of ours is that honest self-criticism is an important way to purify our souls and to light the path of blissful success. Allah states in His Book: "Truly he has succeeded who purifies it.And truly, he has failed who defiles it" [91:9-10].

Self-criticism seems like a fairly straightforward concept.The activity that makes it possible, however-namely, honesty with oneself-is exceedingly hard to come by, for it requires admission of our wrongdoings whenever such actions escape us. It means acknowledgement within ourselves that we have committed a sin, whether against our own souls or others, be it our Creator or anyone or anything in creation. For most of us, such a confession is an incredibly tough thing to do.

Pride prevents some of us from owning our faults, especially before people when that is necessary.The souls of others grow facile at justifying any indecent behavior or false belief. Another problem, particularly for those of us still surging with youth, is the misconception that honest self-criticism prevents us from that ultimate youthful quest, "having fun."

It behooves us to recall that being honest with ourselves is actually a way to enjoy life, rather than make it tougher. It is a fact (scary for many) that the very best way to prevent ourselves from committing haram acts is to really investigate whether or not such activities are permissible in Islam. For one, many of the things people classify as socially forbidden are actually very much halal, which we deny ourselves to escape the judgment of people, not Allah.

More deeply, haram acts, knowingly committed or not, for a fact necessarily result in making life truly less pleasurable, if not immediately for us then for many others, for their nature is to damage the human spirit, the condition of individuals and societies, and the balance of the world.The Qur'an states this beautifully about those who reject its revealed truth on pretext: "Who is further astray than one who is in uttermost schism [with its truth]?" [41:52].

It is a superficial reading to look at this as merely rejecting Islam. Rather, it is about denying within ourselves what our souls know to be truth-like denying we've done wrong even though we know we did.The Qur'an says such people live a life of misery, full of contradiction, which is a great source of mental pain.

So carefully questioning our actions-past and present- makes life easier because it makes the path to God, the path to peace, much smoother. It is redundant to say all human beings err, but not admitting our specific mistakes, now that is playing with fire. An honest approach to our behavior is to willingly acknowledge the shortcomings in our actions and, at least to ourselves, the flaws in our character.This is the first step to disburdening ourselves of guilt, which has its function, but which left to fester can quickly and lethally metastasize.

The Qur'an tells us clearly and often that our books of deeds are like meticulously preserved records, precise chronicles of all that we ever said and did, righteous or not.With the exception of a rare few, everyone will stand witness in the Divine Judgment of their own earthly deeds. Hence, in this life, it makes profound sense to take note of our own deeds, with most of our focus on the actions we need to improve or eliminate, seeking forgiveness for all our substandard performance. Remembering what may be less than perfect about us is a prime way to prepare for the Day of Judgment. Indeed, confessing our faults, to ourselves and God, and then doing our best to eliminate them from our behavior is an act of high eman, one we shall see again on the positive side of our records.

Sins are a legitimate source of worry, no doubt.To reflect on them is actually necessary, for coming to terms with our sins, that is, acknowledging them-that we are at fault for our offenses against God or His creation is to affirm our proper belief and faith.

The pathway to this proper faith is to assess our own actions with total honesty, which requires of us genuine (and frequent) meditations in self-criticism. That is muhasabah. I have found that verbalizing these unpleasant realities about my deeds and myself is invaluable in my muhasabah sessions. Statements like: "I have a tendency to berate others when I don't get my way," or, "I have been yelling at my parents for far too long now."

The next step entails planning to counteract these unfavorable tendencies until they are altogether eliminated. Take heed! Without self-honesty, there is no muhasabah. I like the way a famous French proverb puts it: "A fault denied is twice committed."

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Tanyalah Ustaz

Assalamualaikum, segala puji bagi Allah yang menjadikan alam ini, selawat dan salam ke atas Nabi Muhammad saw. Saya doakan semoga anda semua berada dalam keadaan yang baik dan sihat, semoga kehidupan anda semua dirahmati Allah.
Ruangan ini disediakan untuk memberikan kemudahan kepada sesiapa yang mempunyai masalah agama (kemuskilan agama) dan anda boleh bertanya atau meluahkan masalah anda melalui ruangan komen yang disediakan di bawah ini. Insyaallah kurang dari dua minggu saya akan menjawab segala persoalan yang anda telah kemukakan di ruangan komen ini dengan sekadar kemampuan ilmu yang saya miliki.

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Salam laman ini disediakan untuk mencari seberapa banyak pemblog yang sudi memasang banner atau link Ustaz Nor Amin di dalam blog anda. Ini akan memudahkan Admin untuk menyebarkan usaha dakwah melalui internet dan sekaligus dapat menubuhkan kumpulan cummunity dakwah. Bagi sesiapa yang berminat untuk menyertai atau memasukkan blog anda di sini sila kemukakan permohonan anda di sini

Internet Marketing
  1. Skuad My J Sg Siput
  2. Suri Sarawak Home Made Kake
  3. Al-Kauthar Herbs
  4. Fmajal Home Mades
  5. Baby Cutes Collection
  6. Kerongsang Idaman Ku
  7. Perfumes & Accessories Store
  8. Aida'z Shoppe
  9. Nur Barakah Collections
  10. Hanzalah Quran E-Store
  11. Adams Little Shop
  12. Make Up By Intan Juhaina
  13. Muslim Shop
  14. Fakta & Reality
  15. Candlesmania Baby Shoppe
  16. Everything For U From Me
  17. Bag Bag Baggg
  18. DDMS Homie Bizz. Net
  19. D' Teste
  20. Baby Cotton Shop
  21. Kaspersky 2010
  22. Silveray
  23. Kc Dream
  24. Kids & Mommies Pit Shop
  26. AA Best Food Enterprise
  27. Hakikat Emas - Simpanan @ Pelaburan
  28. Inspirasi Emas
  29. Azima's Homemade Chocolate
  30. Sweet Home Made
  31. Trend 2 Style : Yours Starts Here
  32. Bijak EMAS - Info & Trading Public Gold Products
  33. Izlyn Collections
  34. Eda Emas
  35. Nur Arina Basilah
  36. Lovely Family Store
  37. Kaktie And Wonderkidz
  38. Adia Zone
  39. Baju Renang Muslimah
  40. Anggun, Bergaya & Syari'e
  41. Win Shoppe
  42. Icha Choco
  43. Lovely Online Collection
  44. Fadrizals And Chocolates
  45. Sirih Craft Coklat
  46. Mermid Fashion Holic
  47. Assalwa Food
  48. She's Got Style
  49. Baby Tomei Mall : Jom Shopping
  50. Coretan@Pak Long97
  51. Trendy Shawl
  52. Cenderamata
  53. Apple Of Mom's Eye-Branded, Stylish & Affordable
  54. Mums Luv Baby
  55. Prudential BSN Takaful (PruBSN Takaful)
  56. Rose' Shoppe
  57. Benang, Jarum Kait Dan Kopiah
  58. Butik Abaya
  59. Misz Collections
  60. Mazha 2010
  61. High-Bits Music
  62. Kedai Kain Online
  63. Koleksi Emas Sadur
  64. Rafa Sabun Karbon Aqura
  65. Mawar Comel Baby And Kids Collection
  66. Mentari Diaz Kedai Aksesori Kristal
  67. Diaz Homemade Cookies
  68. Kaspersky Murah
  69. Gold Trading By Your Hand
  70. Ummi's Oven
  71. Tudung Segera/Tudung Instant
  72. Muslimah Corner
  73. Aya Home Made
  74. @be Mas
  75. kedai adik_kakak
  76. D Line And Bag Anda
  77. Online Muslimah Boutique @ Mama's HomeBiz
  78. Dania Shop
  79. Persona Butik
  80. Muslim Princess
  81. Che Mah 2U Online Store
  83. An-Nur Kaseh Collections
  84. Elegant. Contemporary. Exclusive
  85. Kristal & Mutiara Sabah...Bling-bling!
  86. Cloth Diapers Zone
  87. Project Fillah
  89. Dunia Tash Qash
  90. Tupperware Blogshop
  92. Hani Kids Collection
  93. Maajun Anggun Bistari
  94. Gerai Rizqi Dot Blogspot Dot Com
  95. Telekung Muslimah Closet
  96. 2 Princes Shop

  1. Pas Cawangan Bukit Sentosa
  2. Manjadda Wajada
  3. Abang Tuah
  4. Selalu Ada Yang Baru
  5. Menyatu Fikrah Membangun Umah
  6. Azli Shukri
  7. 10 Sibudak Hitam
  8. Al-Banjari Online
  9. Adukataruna
  10. Tempayan Retak
  11. Kedah Online
  12. Suara Hati
  13. Manjung Mari
  14. Tekong Manjung
  15. Drag Super Star
  16. Batu Vs Kayu
  17. Bawean Termenung
  18. Al-Husseyn
  19. Anak Sengat
  20. Mencari Kebenaran Hakiki
  21. Briged Al-Akhdor LR2
  22. Kamarudin Suhaimi
  23. Budak Balun
  24. Anak Muaallaf
  25. Dun Behrang 2020
  26. Pemuda Besut
  27. Jebat Berani
  28. Ketua Polis Blog
  29. Batu Gajah Mari
  30. Jong Komeng
  31. Nur Aflah Hot Blog Malasyia
  32. Kritik Bernas
  33. Krai Utara
  34. Taiping Mali
  35. Musafirlalu
  36. Tok Kiyai
  37. Ek-Ele
  38. Minda Baru Rakyat Malaysia
  39. Ada Akai Pakai
  40. Niring
  41. Sedaka Sejahtera
  42. Putra Kencana
  43. Dewan Pemuda Pas Wangsa Maju
  44. Warkah Daily Online
  45. Kami Sokong Tok Guru
  46. Muara
  47. Harapan
  48. Naib Ketua PKR Cabang Lenggong
  49. Pustaka Al Manhar


  1. Pena Maya
  2. Minda Cikgu PJ
  3. Gallery Info
  4. Cupu Blagu
  5. Shameel Iskandar
  6. Syahida Computer
  7. Ketikan Komputer
  8. Khatboard
  9. Faizal Yusup
  10. KCD Ream
  11. River Orch Agro
  12. Al-Kisah
  13. Kenali Teknologi Komputer
  14. Jana Wang IM
  15. Suseno Wijaya's Blog
  16. 1001 Rahsia Diri
  17. Khaki Shopping
  18. El Youmiyah Ley Afeefah
  19. Putra Hamzah
  20. Semanis Senyuman
  21. Comel
  22. Puaka Joran
  23. Jaringan Perkongsian Minda
  24. Adobe Photoshop
  25. faezbookshop
  26. Resepi Dari Dapur Zurena
  27. Pena Cikgu

Islam & Dakwah

  1. Ustaz Nor Amin
  2. Jannatulfirdauz
  3. Tazkirah
  4. Yaneyms
  5. Lanun
  6. Kerengga
  7. Salam Perjuangan
  8. Fiqh Semasa
  9. Surah Al-Kahfi
  10. Ibnu Fathani
  11. Azhari Asmah
  12. Sebuah Perjalanan Kehidupan
  13. Catatan Seorang Isteri
  14. Rahsia Besar Dalam Al-Quran
  15. Berita Rahsia Dunia
  16. Rahim JKK
  17. ~*moment to remeber*~
  18. Tinta Taghyir
  19. Hafizude
  20. Cahaya Rabbani
  21. Keunggulan Zaman
  22. Hamba Penyelamat
  23. Halawatul Quran
  24. Ummu Sumaiyah Menulis
  25. Warkah Wanita
  26. Mencari Redha Ilahi
  27. Realiti Bukan Fantasi
  28. Hijau Damai
  29. Hatiku Milik Mu
  30. My Whisper To Me
  31. Pencari Redha Ilahi
  32. Mas Bembeng's
  33. Ustazah Azimah
  34. Impian Amani
  35. Resepi Rahsia Ku
  36. Aku Dan Sesuatu
  37. Menuju Jalan Ke Syurga
  38. Mengapai Mardhotillah
  39. Dilema Dunia Islam
  40. Imazhan
  41. Tazkiatun Al-Nafs
  42. Pengembara Di Bumi Ambiya
  43. Seruan Bumi Jawi
  44. Farah Azwa
  45. Catatan Sang Pengembara
  46. Muka Ketat
  47. Perjalanan Ubudiyyah
  48. Islamic Syira
  49. Insan Kamil
  50. Tautan Muhibbah
  51. Ustaz Ismail
  52. Devotee
  53. Tok Esah
  54. I'm Only Servant Of Allah
  55. Muslimah's Dairy
  56. Berikan Aku Kekuatan
  57. Ad-Dai'
  58. Dari Pena Farhana
  59. C.I.A
  60. Symphony life of hajarul
  61. Satu Dimensi Perjuangan
  62. Peringatan Bagi Yang Hidup
  63. Sahabat Amal
  64. .::denyut nadi perjuangan::.
  65. Hakimah 93
  66. Anak Siputeh
  67. Wardah Al-Ghazi
  68. Surau Al-Amin Shah Alam
  69. Khilafah Makin Dekat
  70. Kotak E-Mail
  71. Widatul Uzma
  72. Dangau Desa Impian
  73. The Pieces And Spices Of My Life
  74. Hidup Untuk Memberi
  75. Kepten Mukmin
  76. Selamat Pagi
  77. Diary Abah Umi Liya
  78. Pohon Subur
  79. Bangkit Kembali
  80. Kartun2 Islamik By Matahari
  81. Afid Islamic World
  82. Sinar Islami
  83. A Perfect Kninght
  84. Mujahidin Cyber
  85. Islam Is Our Fitrah
  86. Maktab Mahmud 1983-1989
  87. Journey Of Life
  88. Al-Fatihah Buat Mohd Fadhiri
  89. Brado Kapak
  90. Tatkala Cinta Bertahlil
  91. Musafir Mencari Sinar Iman
  92. hALAL for Us!!
  93. Ukhuwah
  94. Rijal Hakiki
  95. Alam Buana
  96. Zhuliana Bte Ambok Dalek
  97. Aku Bercerita
  98. Zainatun Adilah-Truth About Lies
  99. Critical Angle
  100. ketenangan yang kucari
  101. Pondok Cinta
  102. Aku Mencari Cinta
  103. Halalan Thoyyiba
  104. Pengumpul Hikmah
  105. Ingatanku, Kenanganku
  106. Zam 74 Studio
  107. Peringatan Buat diriku Dan Dirimu
  108. Dari Minda Ku
  109. Tazkirah Kejap
  110. Azye Ameerza
  111. abu syahirah
  112. Effasignature. Inspirasi Tudung Muslimah
  113. Hal Ehwal Agama
  114. One Ummah
  115. Ain Soofiyah
  116. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

  1. Lanun Special
  2. Lanun Tech
  3. Lanun Sentral
  4. Warnailah Hidup ku
  5. Dari Tinta Aku Kris & Kristal
  6. A.D.O.M.A.L
  7. Kiki Lala Koleseramik
  8. Warkah Seharum Cinta
  9. Danial Irfan
  10. Afida Anuar
  11. Glenarmrd
  12. Selipar Lofe
  13. Pensil Dan Pengasah
  14. Lensa Hidup
  15. Suckit
  16. Dasuper Woman Lyfe
  17. Santai
  18. Cahaya Cintaku
  19. Ms Butterfly
  20. Black Is Sexy
  21. Cerita Cinta Hati
  22. Dunia Belog Farysa
  23. Lagenda Budak Hitam
  24. My Life My Soul
  25. Bicara Kehidupan
  26. Kampung Ku
  27. Siapa Aku
  28. Pas For All
  29. Journey Of My Life
  30. Hami Asraff
  31. Tarakokopoo
  32. Buatmu Habib
  33. Berkatalah Apabila Mahu
  34. Dairy
  35. Balada Sumbang Jiwaku
  36. Tinta Putera
  37. Cerita Hidup Aku
  38. Farid Rashidi
  39. Perjalanan Hidup Seorang Wanita
  40. Cetusan Rasa
  41. Ina
  42. Syarafina's Story Book
  43. Its All About We
  44. From The Deep Inside Of Me
  45. Ngok-ngek Ceriter Aku
  47. kuazzah - pencari cintaNYA...Perjalanan BAru Bermula...
  48. Aizuddin Dot Com
  49. Kesinambungan Zaman
  50. Seri Bunga
  51. Kehidupan Selariku
  52. Comei Sari
  53. Amie Hani
  54. Farieyna's Blog
  55. Zaradgreat
  56. Mye's
  57. 4fn1mf-Family
  58. Miss Tora
  59. Semalam Hari Ini Dan Esok
  60. Satu Permulaan
  61. Ke Arah Mencari RedhaNya
  62. Our Great Gateway
  63. Penaku Menulis.. Menutur Kata..
  64. Perjuanganku Belum Selesai
  65. Qaira Tsamaratul Qolbi
  66. Syafrizal. Net
  67. Perjalanan Hidupku
  68. Duanz's Daughter
  69. terompah caring
  70. Windi's Dairy
  71. ShazrilShaedi
  72. The Cottage Stories
  73. Unisee Sejak 2006
  74. Permaisuri Di Hati Mereka
  75. Cheqppjoy
  76. Gulai Kawah
  77. Teratak Usang
  78. Ustaz Love Menulis...
  79. Sampul Gula-gula
  80. Laman Abu Abrar
  81. 3 F's
  82. My Thought
  83. Safarun Al-Fannun
  84. Apam Balik Desa
  85. Gempakz Siot
  86. Matlamat Kehidupan Kami
  87. Hijau Menambah Ketenangan
  88. Budak Ghanung Dot Com
  89. Misz Sakura
  90. The Light Of My Life
  91. Life Time Space
  92. Miles Of Smiles
  93. Mata dan Penglihatan
  94. Ramadhan Blog
  95. Mazha 2010
  96. Seorang Wanita
  97. Patah Sayap Bertongkat Paruh
  98. From Heart To Heart
  99. Salam Ukhuwah
  100. Kompas Berlegar Dan Sibuk!
  101. Bicara Tentang Kehidupan
  102. Paapaada
  103. Aku Hanya Hamba

  1. Meniti Usia
  2. Kulaan
  3. Antara Garisan
  4. Beyondmindeyesstudio
  5. Bjue Corner
  6. Trend Seantero Malaysia
  7. Epilog Seorang Aku
  8. Alimaz
  9. Blog Ku Untuk Semua
  10. Ibnuddin
  11. Zikri Husaini
  12. SPB Bersama STM
  13. Muhd Arif
  14. Teman Orang Parit
  15. Misi Islamic
  16. Yott-yott
  17. Nor Gadis Labuan
  18. Sufferedge
  19. Book Of Map
  20. Kartun2 By Matahati
  21. My Life Aken
  22. Naman
  23. Sahabat Nor Gadis
  24. Aq Naim
  25. Mrchaon
  26. Luriaz Silverian
  27. Hans
  28. Let's Love For The Sake Of ALLAH
  29. My Sweet Dream Cottage
  30. Lukisan Kita, Cantik @ Tidak?
  31. Aku, Gadis Dan Tinta
  32. Ilham Bicara
  33. Free Download Mp3
  34. The Nation For The Creation
  35. Bizz Nurse
  36. Cahaya Hayati
  37. Kaca Permata
  38. Mari Baca Books, VCD, CD, Real Aloud
  39. Hitam Putih Kehidupan
  40. Jom Wasiat
  41. Cerita Ceriti Ceritu Kami
  42. Think Happy Thought
  43. Paper Craft Free Download
  44. Le Mejas De Buruki
  45. Seni Itu Indah
  46. Chronicle Of My Perspective
  47. Blog Lipislady
  48. Info Gallery
  49. Aku Penglipur Lara (Dot) Com
  50. Ngomel Sukan
  51. MPKB 90/93
  52. My Inspiration
  53. Mata Dan Penglihatan
  54. The Beautifool Tragedy
  55. Berita Terbaru/Kaizer House
  56. Kehidupan
  57. Feed Your Soul
  58. Zikri
  59. Si Siput Sedut
  60. 1 Malaysia SMS.My
  61. Klik 1 Malaysia
  62. Masa Dah Time
  63. Aku Pemerhati Alam Semesta
  64. Warta Muda
  65. Halimkk
  66. Jejak Rimba Istana Budaya
  67. Hijabul Crewz
  68. Munirah Care
  69. pentas opera kehidupan...
  1. Sekolah Kebangsaan Genting
  2. IIUM Journalism Club
  3. j-Qaf Sk Sulaiman
  4. 1D Boyz
  5. Blog Komuniti
  6. My Trip Adventure
  7. Republikn 9
  8. Perkasa Daerah Petaling
  9. Blog List Malaysia
  1. Etuza Warna Kehidupan
  2. Santai Blog
  3. Dady Zuki
  4. Cikgu Sila
  5. Share Motivasi
  6. Iz Moevo Sertsa
  7. Buluh Lemang
  8. Nusantara Digitalz Solutions
  9. Achtung
  10. In A Nutshell
  11. Badar Sila_Tok Jembal
  12. The Sleeper Has Awakened
  13. Smart Generation
  14. Tahukah Anda?
  1. Anak Lautz
  2. MTQ Addin Malim Nawar
Iklan Percuma
  1. Post Je (Iklan Percuma)
  2. Pengiklan Malaysia

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